Ranting about The Curse

It’s house cleaning day today and I think I’ve decided that dirt and dust are two of my biggest frustrations with The Curse/The Fall.

Seriously, there are only two adults in this house… well, and one dog who does contribute his share of mess but he’s not that nasty as far as dogs go.  We are not dirty people but if you were here cleaning with me today I think you would challenge me otherwise!!  HOW DOES THIS STUFF ACCUMULATE LIKE THIS?!  [I guess it could be because the domestic bug attacks me inconsistently… truly not one of my strengths!]

So, anyway, just needed to rant a little bit that for today I think dirt and dust are my biggest frustrations with The Curse, excluding of course the obvious one – separation from God – but I’m just focused on the petty things today.

What effect of The Curse (Genesis 3) is the most frustrating for you?

  • http://brentinworship.com/blog brent(inWorship)


    Of course that may go along with you whole rant on cleaning :)

  • http://denverintranslation.com Mark Thomas

    Is cat hair part of the curse? Either way, I completely loathe cat hair. Love cats, hate cat hair.

  • http://jennicatron.tv Jenni Catron

    @Mark, cat hair counts in my opinion… dog hair is another runner up for me.

  • http://davidandcarey.blogspot.com Carey

    I think I have to agree with you. I dust the furniture, then sweep, then dust/mop the floor and it still doesn’t feel clean. Heaven forbid if the dogs come in when I finish. Then there doesn’t seem to be much of a point.

  • http://www.aworshipfulheart.typepad.com jan owen

    i thought the pain in childbirth thing was completely uncalled for

    i also hate cleaning toilets

  • http://hollyvanzeeland.blogspot.com holly

    I’d have to agree with Brent on this one – clothing. Not because I’d prefer to be naked (I actually enjoy the latest fashions), but because you have to wash them!! I just lugged my 5 loads down to the basement – it is never ending!!!

    Jenni – thanks for checking out the blog – we miss you terribly and the girls send hugs your way!! In reference to our last visit, Alex said, “I was really crossing my fingers that we would see Ms. Jenni.” :) Sorry we missed you – and of course, you are welcome to visit anytime!!

  • http://allm92.wordpress.com Heidi

    clothes left on the exercise equipment.

    teenagers and their dishes ! :)

  • rachbeav

    Pains in childbirth is the biggie but I agree that housework is a CURSE! Scrubbing toilets & bathrooms is my least fave chore. And then there’s the whole fear of snakes thing…

  • http://www.pbjcreations.com lisa gardiner

    3 kids, 1 husband ,1 dog, 4 fish and 1 me. I just can’t keep up anymore. The dust, dirt, spiders and laundry well I can always count on them ;)

  • waswrittenin

    I would have to say dusting. I LOATHE dusting… that, and picking up other people’s messes on a repeated basis… It makes me crazy… ;) If I had any experience in the whole childbirth arena, I would be in agreement with any one else… I can’t imagine that being a whole lot of fun…