What’s the One Thing?

I couldn’t decide what to post tonight.  Everything felt too serious so I thought I would lighten it up…

What’s the ONE THING you want to know about me?

Ask away… I’m not promising I’ll answer them all, but we’ll see!

  • http://kassota.wordpress.com tam

    one thing? just one? hmph….

    what has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

    [and how tall are you?]


  • http://livingthedash.tv Aaron

    i’m curious

    how did you end up in your role as Executive Director at Cross Point?

    always interested in learning about how people transition from careers outside the church world to careers inside the church world


  • http://seedsinmyheart.blogspot.com randi :)

    how about ‘day in the life of’… meaning what’s your everyday schedule look like? :)

  • http://www.aworshipfulheart.typepad.com janowen

    hmmmm….what’s a dream for the future God has percolating in your heart?

  • http://www.fullofboys.wordpress.com fullofboys

    I want to know what your workout routine is….you are always so fit! :)

  • http://allm92.wordpress.com Heidi

    What would the title of your memoir be?

    What advice would you give me as a new leader?

    Does God speak to you during your runs?? Do you want to stop and write it down? but know you can’t/

    Has your spiritual life changed since you became a leader??

  • http://thejwoshow.wordpress.com Jared Woodard

    How did you and your husband meet? (Every man on your blog has a man crush on him! ) :O

  • http://lavidaladybird.blogspot.com/ Ladybird

    Where are you from? Where did you go to school?

  • http://rindywalton.com Rindy Walton

    You are unique in that you, as a woman, are part of the top executive leadership of a large church…
    -What has been the toughest problem/obstacle in that role?
    -Who do you turn to as a peer in this capacity? or is being a woman not an issue at all?

  • Mike Gothard

    Hi Jenni,

    Which superhero (-oine) are you most like? What are your superpowers?


  • http://jennicatron.tv Jenni Catron

    Oooooh, so many good questions!

    @Jared Woodard – I’m a little worried about the man crash on my husband… that explains why he is one of my top search terms!!! Here I though it was ex-girlfriends trying to find him :)

  • http://judifree.com JudiFree.com

    Do you sing?!?!

  • senordinger

    Whats your Favorite Food?

  • Dad

    I think I could answer almost all these questions for you.

    You know I have only one question, do you know what it is?

    Love Dad

  • http://thejwoshow.wordpress.com Jared Woodard

    @Jenni 5th Street already admitted to most of the searches :D I think someone needs to have a heart to heart with Cris……

  • Jimmy Holt

    How do you happen to be a member of Junior League?

  • Dwight

    What is the greatest desire of your heart…

  • http://jennicatron.tv Jenni Catron

    @Dad – I’m thinking that you want to know when I’m coming home, right?

  • http://www.callmelinds.blogspot.com callmelinds

    i know you worked in the christian music industry before cross point, but what exactly did you do? do you miss it?

  • http://ad1024.wordpress.com Andy Depuy

    When did you become a christian and How ?

  • Jessica

    Um when do you plan on answering all these questions??? its going to be one long Blog if you dont get on it!

    I got one… When did you become the coolest sister ever :)